I am a MESSY Person!



I said it.


I’ve always been messy.  Organization never came easy to me.  The average person would take a bookcase and make it somewhat presentable.  Whenever I’d receive the same bookcase, no matter what, it would come back not nearly as organized or nice looking.

Today, however.

Something came over me, and I tore apart our bedroom closet, and reorganized everything.  His dresser has his socks, and his boxers all neatly stacked together.  The baskets in which my undergarments were located in were altogether in a variety of baskets, now each basket has one item in it: socks, underwear, lingerie, bras, etc.

Every hanger had clothes hung on it, and shoes were neatly stowed away in their correct areas.  Clothes were refolded into their apartment compartments, and in my folding area, I organized it into 3 areas: t-shirts, shirts I could wear for work, and then shorts, dresses, and anything else that didn’t fit in the above categories.

I then moved to the bed area.  I cleaned around my half of the bed where books were scattered all over.  I cleaned, and finished by making the bed.

And then I moved to the Christmas boxes that were stacked on the floor and the desk areas.  I gathered all the books around, put all my art supplies and scrapbooking supplies together, and began to organize the desk.  One drawer was all art supplies, the other drawer was computer related and battery related items.

It was a good start.  I’m just thankful I only live in a Studio Apartment.  Although it’s a HUGE studio that feels more like a 1 bedroom apartment, it was a mess, and it was NEEDED.

But one thing I truly walked away from is the feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling of how things are so much easier when everything has a home to go to.

Now, I just hope I can get the other half to keep this neatness thing going for awhile 😉

The kitchen and bookshelf area will be tackled later on this week.  I have to keep this motivation going and this new found cleanliness up.  Once you start, it’s easy to maintain.   *crosses fingers* I don’t end up lazy again.


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12 thoughts on “I am a MESSY Person!

  1. Debra

    To me it sounds as if you USED to be a messy person ! Welcome to a new year with new beginnings 🙂

    • jamiegall1930

      I hope I can keep it up! I’m liking the difference though =)

  2. Just keep reminding yourself how much easier it is to maintain organization than to do a complete overhaul and you’ll be fine. I find myself falling off the wagon from time to time, but usually once I get it organized, I can keep it that way. If only I could get the rest of my family to be organized, too…

    • jamiegall1930

      That’s a great tip!! Really, cleaning up every night for 5 or 10 minutes isn’t hard. It can be done. I just have to get off my “lazy” ‘tude. New Year is the way to do it! =)

  3. I don’t call myself messy – though I am a “person who is interested in many things and tends to stack them” (which can easily translate to messy )
    When we moved nearly 2 years ago we had an *incredible* amount of stuff to go through. Nearly 20 years in the same house, 5 kids, and my packrat tendencies equaled a lot of stuff!
    But it’s a great feeling to have finally gone through, thrown out, organized, and kept it that way. It really does allow you to breathe better!

    • jamiegall1930

      Living in a smaller space doesn’t help things either for me. You tend to keep things because you think “down the road.” 😉

      Lol, oh life!

  4. New Year, New You!!! I am a messy person too. I have to consciously tell myself to NOT just throw my jeans on the chair! It gets easier with time though. Good Luck and Great job so far!

  5. I got tired just reading your post!!! Everything looks great. I too am a messy person. The goal was to do a good heavt cleaning while the kids were on Christmas break. Never happened. Perhaps Spring break?!

  6. Sounds like an excellent way to get 2012 underway!

  7. Ann Gall

    All this after a recent visit home to see your Mom. Alas, perhaps I am an inspiration to my daughter. Nie job!!!

  8. I love organising stuff … and then I promptly mess it up again shortly afterwards!! Thanks for stopping by my SITS day today! 🙂

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