What I love about HDR Photography!

HDR Photography, otherwise known as high dynamic range photography is when you take a photograph through bracketing.  You take the same photographed underexposed, overexposed, and then one of neutral setting. Then through software, such as Photomatrix, or others, you combine those photos into one.

This type of photography is suppose to bring out the best in the photo by capturing all the details between the three shots.

Some examples can be found below:


This picture was taken at Pasadena City Hall.  As you can see, an HDR photograph really brings out the color of a picture, almost giving the photograph a painter eske feel.

HDR photography is really done well with buildings, bright colors, boats, and other vehicles.  But begin to explore with all kinds of areas to find what you like best.

This was another photograph taken at the Pasadena City Hall.  A regular picture will showcase the hallway, but the feel of this picture by doing HDR can give it an entirely different feel altogether.  See the below picture of the hallway without HDR below:

What a difference, right?

HDR can even work in Black and White photography.  Really, in the end, you have to play around with the photos, and find the right setting that works with the photograph.

I choose to use Photomatrix software, and have been happy with my results.  I am only really beginning to play around with all the possibilities that HDR photography offers, but it’s been a lot of fun!

For those photographers out there that utilize HDR, what have been some of you tricks?  What has worked for you?

And for those just beginning in photography, look into it because it’s a lot of fun!


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27 thoughts on “What I love about HDR Photography!

  1. Megan

    Best way to take a family photo in front of a Christmas tree! Meter for the family, meter for the tree.

  2. Cool! I’ll have to try this sometime.

  3. Debra

    I think this is fantastic and so informative. Can’t wait to show my husband!

  4. Wow, the difference between the 2 hallway photos is huge! It really brings out the true colors!

  5. Really great pictures. I long to take awesome photographs. Someday.

  6. I know there is a ton I do not know about photography so your examples were awesome. You can definitely see the difference and I really like the end results. Thank you for the information.

    • jamiegall1930

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m glad you appreciated the examples. I try to make it open to everyone when I discuss photography because everyone’s at a different level =)

  7. These examples look beautiful. Some of the examples of HDR photography look a bit fake…unlike these. Guess I’ll have to explore this a bit!

    • jamiegall1930

      I try to go more natural.. but sometimes with a certain photo I like going towards the Paintish eske feel 😉

  8. I need to explore HDR MORE!! I have been playing around a bit with filters etc lately — inspired to get way more involved now (in all my spare time)….

    • jamiegall1930

      It’s a lot of fun! I’d love to start playing around with filters, that’s something I haven’t done yet =)

  9. Oh, that’s just too cool! Now I want to get a camera and pretend that I’m an amazing photographer. =p

    • jamiegall1930

      Anyone can take amazing photos =) It’s all in the eye and the way you perceive the world.. and well learning the camera as you go!

  10. Wow – I’ve been taking photography classes for the last year and this is the first I’ve heard of this. I do bracket (especially in situations where I’m afraid of missing “the shot”) so I’ve got all the photos to try!

    • jamiegall1930

      It’s a pretty new concept in photography, but a lot of fun. The key is that it’s best with a tripod because the shots taken at different exposures must have the same composition in order to work =)

  11. That’s it!! You are now my number 1 source for photography!! Now to find someone to do my headshots…

    • jamiegall1930

      Thank you!!! I just love sharing what I have learned. And trust me, I’m still very much in a learning phase =) But I will continue to share what I have learned, what I have done, and engage conversation with others.

    • jamiegall1930

      You’re the 3rd person to bring up headshots to me in the last month. Do you think it’s a sign?? =)

  12. Lance

    Beautiful pictures. My 16year old daughter has recently taken up photography. I’ll show her your site.

    • jamiegall1930

      Thanks for stopping by Lance! Every Monday I specifically focus in on photography. In the beginning I concentrated more on showing pictures, but now I’m really starting to talk about the process =) Hope she enjoys.

  13. I wish I had that type of a camera and knew about the different techniques. They look amazing.

  14. Now, I have to look into it. I am so lost when it comes to my camera so hoping this way I can be pushed into learning something. I bet that would work awesome for food pics as well.

  15. Now, I have to look into it. I am so lost when it comes to my camera so hoping this way I can be pushed into learning something. I bet that would work awesome for food pics as well.

  16. Awesome stuff! I know my camera can do much more than I use it for. It’s on my to do list (along with so many other things – maybe I should bump it up 🙂

  17. This looks so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  18. That b/w photo looks awesome. I didn’t know they could look that good. Hm… I’d see a movie in b/w if it was shot like that. Tell James Cameron!

  19. I’ve heard of HDR photography, but didn’t know what it was. Thanks for the great explanation!

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