Blogs I Follow

There are a few blogs I frequent regularly, they are of women I respect, and come to know on a personal level:

1) Mommy of a Monster and Twins

I really enjoy her blog because I feel she is truly successful in the blogging world.  She is a Brand Ambassador, She has Link Ups that do well, and Gives great tips on Blogging to others.  And she’s is a really GREAT person too.

2) Things I Can’t Say

Shell has a GREAT Link Up on Wednesday’s called: “Pour Your Heart Out.” Where you can talk about anything as long as you’re Pouring Your Heart out.

3) This Talk Ain’t Cheap

Carolyn does a good job discussing things happening in her life.  She is a mother, and often times does talk about her tween and teenage daughters, but they’re always fun stories to tell.  She sometimes does product reviews, and discusses her journey into the blogging world.

4) Spilled Milkshake

Christina does a lot of Blog Hops throughout her blog, and offers a lot of fun different link ups to partake in.  A fun read throughout my day.

5) North on Harper

Alexis talks about Fashion, Fashion Styles, Designers, Outfits she puts together.  She has a lot of great ideas.  A fun blog to read through.

6) Daily Organized Chaos

Bibi talks about a variety of things from sharing her favorite recipes to places she’s visited, to sharing inspiring quotes.  She is a wonderful woman who has a fresh approach to her writings.


Noelle talks about Tips and Practices you can use for Creative Entrepreneurs.  Great website finds, great APP finds, to topics within the business world.

8) it’s own

Lisa is a HILARIOUS writer.  She is really good at sharing a story and finding the humor in it.  You will be laughing by the end of the majority of her posts.

9) Butterfly Cottage Recipe’s

Debra is an amazing cook, and has a plethora of recipe’s she loves to share.  Great for the foodie in you.

10) Manhattan Beach Momma

Debbie was named one of the top 25 Mom Bloggers in SoCal.  She has fun give aways, reviews fun places she visits within the South Bay area, and talks about her life.  A fun read.

11) The Suburbanista

Amanda talks about the life she’s living.  You’ll also find her talking about her new love of photography and anything in between.

12) Sunshine Wonderland

Megan talks her life.  She has a great series she does called Foodie Baby where she talks about restaurants she visits with her toddler as to his intake on it, then hers.  She’s a huge fan of Disney and the color Yellow.

13) Sweeps4Bloggers

Valerie has some amazing giveaways, and new ones come out daily.  Visit her blog for a chance to win something fun =)

14) Don’t Speak Whinese

When you visit Leila’s blog, you will be guranteed to hear the word Ninja, read up on some camping adventures, and of course, an opportunity to laugh your heart out.  She also talks about what it’s like having a daughter with SEVERE allergies.

15) Sarcastic, Funny, and Brutally Honest

Desiree talks about anything and everything.  She has a Guest Post Feature on Fridays called, “Confession Fridays” where her Guest Posts discuss something close to their hearts, and let it out confession style.

16) Before the Baby Wakes

Alexandra is very real with her life, and talks freely about things happening around it including being a mother.

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