Writing Block is Setting In.

I don’t know what it is about this week, but the topics aren’t coming easy.  The writing I oh so love is fading.  And I am left with a blank page of wonder each morning.

When you get into a fit of writing block, where do you find your inspiration?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Blog Updates, Blog reconfigures, and Blog tweaks.

And it reminded me of who we are as people, and how we’re constantly trying to improve ourselves, tweak ourselves, and hope to become better people.

It’s ironic to me that we view our blogs the same way.   So many people are participating in #SITS31DBBB, blogging groups are being formed, people are evaluating each other’s blogs that it left me wondering.

When are we happy with our own blogs?  When do we become okay with who we are, what we write, and the themes we create?  When is it okay?

As humans, we are taught to constantly improve, constantly keep up with the change that is happening around us, and to be in the know about where we’re headed within the social media world.

But, so often, we are not taught to accept ourselves for who we are.  So often we  forget to look upon our strengths, look upon ourselves with a happy heart?  Why is this?

We begin to compare ourselves at such a young age, as soon we go to school.  I sit and read blogs about friends children where they’re already comparing themselves, where they’re not seeing beauty within themselves, and it breaks my heart.

We really need to change the way we view ourselves, view our world, and view our blogs.

To me, my blog is a piece of me, and if I’m not happy with it, then that leaves me with realizing I’m not happy with who I am.  And that’s just not okay with me.

So TODAY, Bloggers, Stand with ME, and say this:  I am Happy with WHO I AM, and I am Happy with the WAY My Blog Is.  I am happy with what I’ve created, I am happy with what I write, and I am fortunate to have this blog to share with others a little piece of who I am.

Who’s with me? 😉


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Blogging is TAKING over my life!!! ahhhhhhh


Are you like me?  Are you constantly reading up on other blogs?  Are you looking to read informative articles to ask yourself how to improve yours?  Are you addicted to twitter in hopes with connecting with other amazing women and bloggers?

Well, here’s the question: How do you Balance it all?

The last few weeks, my routine has looked like this:

Alarm Goes off, I groggily wake up, hop on my laptop and write my blog post.  I post it to my tribe to share with other amazing ladies then I read their blogs to comment and support.

I then head off to work for the day.  I concentrate on work throughout the entire day where I don’t do any networking, blog work at all.  It’s strictly about hitting my stores.

I come home, I make myself something to eat then I hop on my computer and catch up on more blog reads.  This is the time I browse blogs, comment, read, and share and connect with others.  This can be a 1/2 hour, a hour, up to 2 hours.  If there is a twitter party happening that night, I join in, otherwise I turn off and watch a little TV.

I am grateful for the nights I have something going on.  It gets me away from my addiction “my computer.”  And I enjoy a bit of life.  LOL

I realize that “Blogging” is literally taking over my life.  So, how do you keep your blog going without it taking over your life?  Any tips and advice are appreciated =)


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Before I begin, I just want you to know I’ve only been blogging since October 1st.  However, when I started my blog, I was writing online publications for a few other sites, and loving it.  And recognized my passion for writing.

So, I dove into the blogging world.  I don’t know it ALL.  Heck, I’m not even sure if I even know all that much, but each day I see a new idea, see something that’s really worked, and am just awestruck of the possibilities of what a blog can do, how far it can reach, or how fast one can be face planted into nowhere land too 😉

So, I just wanted to share some tips that I have discovered since I’ve begun my journey into blogging.

1) Have a CORE group

Connect with a group of bloggers that you really enjoy their company.  You take the time to read their blogs every day or every other day.  You network with them, you connect with them, you go to them if you have questions, etc.  TRUST me, having this core group will make your entrance into the blogging world easier.

2) Recognize the power of TWITTER

When I logged onto twitter 2 years ago I honestly didn’t get it.  I wanted to connect with friends, people I already knew.  The majority of the people on twitter are not people I knew.  It was way before my time.  When I logged onto twitter 6 months ago, and recognized my talent of writing, I began to see TWITTER differently.  I also had a better understanding of how important networking is.

3) Read Blogs. 

I’ve gained some awesome new followers this way.  It starts with one post that grabbed my attention.  I leave a comment.  I know if anyone takes the time to leave a comment on my blog I automatically follow up with them at their blog, or take a peek.  I try to reciprocate a comment onto one of their posts I found interesting.  I know on a daily basis, I read anywhere from 10 to 20 blogs.  I make the time for it because I know the time and effort that is put into a blog so I try to give notice of hard work by leaving comments on people’s blogs.

4) Partake in Link Ups. 

In the future I’m going to be writing a post about some of my favorite link ups to partake in, but in the meantime, connect with other bloggers, and learn about the link ups that are happening around the blogosphere.  Link ups are great opportunities to introduce new people to your blog.  You share a post related to the link up topic, and voila, people will visit.  BUT, please make sure you take the time to read the blogs partaking in the same link up as yours.

5) Link back to old posts!

Okay.  I admit I need to work on this, and this is one of my goals for my blog this coming year.  But not only does it help the SEO practices for your blog, but it lets incoming new readers read previous posts you’ve written to keep them on your page longer.  When I go to a blog and see a link to another page, my curiousity gets the best of me, and I want to click that button to see what they’re talking about.

6) Attend a TWITTER Party

There is a twitter party for everything these days!  The key is to find your niche, and participate in one.  Twitter parties are another great way to network with other bloggers, but also other people on twitter.  If you formed a connection, most likely, they’ll take the time to check out your blog too.  And who knows, you could end up winning something if they have fun prizes!

7) Attend a Conference!

I have yet to do this, but it is another goal for this upcoming year.  Each week I learn about a new blogging conference.  For those lucky enough to attend Blissdom in the next few weeks, have fun!  For those, like me, who have yet to attend a conference, take it as a chance to learn, network, and get word out about your blog.  Although, I must admit, a conference sounds pretty intimidating to a first time blogger attendee especially with all these pro’s running around!

8)  Focus

This is just my own little learning curve.  I have found that giving each day a specific theme has made it easier for me to come up with content for my blog.  On the days that I have free range to write about anything I find that I can’t focus and choose a topic, but on the days where it’s THEME related, the posts just come to me.  These theme days help to establish your blog too, and give a better idea to your readers on what you’ll be talking about and representing.

9) Cite, Cite, Cite

I find if I get inspired by another blogger, I must link back to the post that inspired me.  One, it’s giving credit where it’s due, but it also gives background into what spawned the topic.  It’s basic blogger courtesy!

10) Comment Back

When someone takes the time to leave a comment on your blog, try to comment back.  I understand that WE all get busy, but blogging is meant to be interactive.  Some blogs give an email out for when a person replies to a comment.  Through that reply, the person will come back again just to see what you said.  It starts a conversation, and another way to network with your readers.  It’s hard to comment back to everything, trust me, I know, but the fact that you took the time to go through comments shows readers that you do care and are taking the time to read their comments.

Just a few insights into the blogging world thus far.   What has helped you with your blogs? Any advice for up and coming bloggers?

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Link Ups.

I love the blog links up I’ve seen around town.  One of my personal favorites is “Pour your Heart Out” from the blog, “Things I Can’t Say.”

This link up allows people to write from their heart and share what’s on their mind.  And a lot of people link up to it.  It’s truly a popular one.  And I like the occasion to pour my heart out and write about whatever’s on my mind.

I’ve seen a few other link up’s, one even with my group The SoCal Lady Bloggers.  BTW: I think we need another link up in the near feature =)

I think sometime soon I want to start my own link up.  With that being said, what tools do you use to make linky up easy within your blog?  And what ideas have you seen across the blogosphere that you really enjoyed partaking in as a link up?

It’s one of my goals within the new year for my blog.

One of the other goals I have is to have a weekly guest post spot.  Where the guests can write a post on a topic of their choosing, and it’ll be a great introduction to their blog.  I hope some of you ladies will want to partake in that =)

Anyways, I hope you all a wonderful Thursday!  I know I”m excited, last day of work before a 11 day vacation *grinz*


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Those PESKY Giveaways!

First, I hope I don’t offend anyone, but as you know, on Thursdays, I like to talk about blogging and my thoughts on issues I’ve seen around the blogosphere.

Last week in my group SoCalLadyBloggers someone mentioned giveaways and how annoying it is to go through so many hoops for one giveaway.

Last night I also meant some fabulous ladies and the topic of giveaways was brought up again.  I just have to write about it!

First off, nothing is MORE fun than winning something.  Giveaways are great, it draws people into your blog, but the true question honestly comes down to this.  Are the people who take the time to read your blogs a consistent following or are they just there to sign up for the giveaways?

I admit, in the beginning, I was the second.  Ooooh, free stuff, sign me up, but now that I am truly beginning to develop relationships with the bloggers around me, I love to check into their blogs.  Sometimes if I see they’re giving something away I’ll sign up, other times I’ll just read about it and see the fun stuff they’re giving away.  They’re working hard for that giveaway.  They talked to the company that is sponsoring the giveaway or if not, they’re paying their own money to make the giveaway happen.

BUT lets get down to business:  What is the purpose of Giveaways?

Remember, we are bloggers, we have a readership, we are INTRODUCING new products to our readers, but when it comes to a giveaway, honestly, it truly comes down to THE Company and the Product that is being given away.

I love when the people show the site of the company or have you connect with the company via twitter or facebook.  I love when bloggers take the time to truly introduce you to the product and to what the company can truly offer you.  Remember, it’s about the company, and the people behind the product more than the product itself.  The company wants promotion, so to have a giveaway and by the end of the blog you don’t even remember the company promoting the product, it’s probably not a GOOD thing.

My other pet peeve when it comes to GIVEAWAYS?

I’m going to say it: RAFFLECOPTER.

Seriously? Why so many hoops to go through?  Why do we have to follow 20 people?  I know, I know, you just have to follow one person or do one thing on the blog in order to be entered, but when I go to a blog and I see a huge list of things to do for one giveaway I quickly jump off the page and say HELL WITH IT.  

I have seen some blogs that use Rafflecopter and they only have 1 or 2 items for you to do.  BTW, to those blogs, I thank you =)

I guess what I’m trying to say is what does blogging mean to you?  Do you want a huge list for people to go through hoops to get to the giveaway or do you honestly want people to remember the company and product that you’re promoting?  And also make it fun for the giveaways?

I love the blogs where you leave a comment on the blog.  There are some really neat things people will say about the product, and when you read through those comments and people haven’t heard of the product before and they’re psyched about it, to me, that’s what BLOGGING is truly about.

Just my thoughts for today.  What are some of yours? =)


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How Can I make my BLOG Stand out from the rest?

Before I begin this post I just want to say I haven’t been blogging that long, but I have been observing blogs since I began.  Also, I want to reiterate that the thoughts I am about to share are my own IDEAS and OPINIONS.

So, there is a blog for everything now a days.  How does a person truly make their blog stand out from the rest?  I feel the below tips will help, but then again, I could be completely off track, so please, if you think of something else, please share a comment!

1) Make it Personal

Don’t be afraid to share something about yourself, HOWEVER, don’t make it the only thing you talk about either.  Change it up, have a theme.

2) Utilize Pictures

People love looking at pictures, it makes the blog a lot more appealing to look at, and a lot more appealing to want to read.

3) Have a customized Headline.

I am drawn to the blogs where they designed their headline that goes with their blogs.  There are some pretty neat designs around town.  As you have noticed I haven’t gotten to that point, but I am going to works towards it within the next year.

4) Talk about a CONTROVERSIAL topic

Controversy draws people in, and it draws people in even more when it’s a topic they either want to know more about or a topic, in which, they’re curious about what a person has to say.  Some bloggers have called out PR agencies, some bloggers rant at a horrible customer service experience, or some bring up a topic that makes people’s blood boil, but it brings the people in!

5) Have giveaways

Giveaways does bring people to a blog, they’re curious about the blog.  However, with said giveaways, STAY away from multiple entry forms, a gazillion hoops to go through, and if you’re going to do a giveaway, make sure it’s something catchy and people truly love.  Event tickets are always fun, along with gift baskets, and also gift certificates.  However, with the gift certificates, would you prefer a 5 dollar thing, or would you actually want something worth 25 or more?

6) Review a Product!

People love hearing about products, but even more, they love hearing about NEW products.  Products they may have never heard of before, so start reviewing products, but keep your eye out on products, in which, are new and different.

7) Utilize Social Media

Twitter has so much potential, and it is a great medium to introduce people to your blog.  There are so many blogs out there, but if you establish connections with people via social media, they’re going to want to know more about you, and what it is you do and write about.  If you take the time for them, they will take the time for you.

8) Create a FACEBOOK page

A lot of the blogs I frequent also have their own facebook page that you can follow.  Here they share their articles, their giveaways, and any fun facts with people, etc.  ONLY do this if you will commit to the page on a daily basis, and you will keep it new and refreshing.  If you don’t have the time then don’t do it.

9) Offer ADVICE

If you are knowledgable about a certain topic, utilize your blog to share it.  If you know a ton about photography, talk about it.  People want to learn about photography.  If you love to travel, share those sweet escapes with people, they love hearing about new places.  If you’re a relationship guru, talk about the tribulations of a relationship.  Show to the world that you know your stuff.  You will find a following.

10) Be yourself!

Really.  Make your blog about you.  Make sure it reflects who you are, and the things that make YOU unique.  People love learning about people, and love seeing their quirks.  The blogs that show personality create a great following behind them.  If you need to rant, RANT.  If something is royally pissing you off, share it.  And in the end, just have fun with it!



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