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To my readers,

There has a come a time when a blog has done well, and when a person has to move it to a new url.


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Are Minnesota and Los Angeles similar?

Often, when people find out I’m from Minnesota, their response is, “wow, that’s quite a change for you, isn’t it?”

The truth is, I never know how to respond to that because I don’t think it’s that big of a change.

So, here is my list as to why I think Minnesota and Los Angeles are similiar.  Of course, at the end, I’ll also write how they’re different 😉

1) Bodies of Water

While LA is surrounded by beautiful oceans, Minnesota has beautiful lakes.  People run to the water to hang out, to have fun, to grill, to water ski, to boat, etc.

2) Urban Sprawl:

Los Angeles is a city that keeps growing and sprawling out, but did you know that the Twin Cities is very much like this?  The center are Minneapolis and St. Paul, but all around the cities are both the Northern Suburbs and the Southern Suburbs that continues to build and sprawl.

3) People stick to their areas

If you live in Hollywood, you usually stay in and around there.  If you live near Long Beach, you usually hang out and chill around there.  It is very similar in MInnesota.  If you grew up in the Southern Suburbs, you hang out around there.  If you grew up in St. Paul, you are loyal to St. Paul, if Minneapolis has your heart, you don’t leave it, etc.

4) Traffic

Okay, yes, Minnesota has traffic too.  The only difference is we have less people, and less cars running around, but have you ever been stuck on the 494 during rush hour?  Trust me, you don’t want to be!  And of course, going into downtown on either 35W or 35E during Rush Hour reminds me of heading north onto the 110 into downtown Los Angeles, and lets not forget how the 405  is very much a reminder of my dear 494.

5) Bonfires

Everyone loves a good bonfire, and it’s no different wherever you live.  People in Los Angeles like to head out to the beach to have their bonfires where the people of Minnesota will light one up in their backyard and start cooking s’mores off of them, or will head to the park and have one there with a group of friends.  There’s been plenty of bonfire parties in my life.

6) Museums

The love of museums are in every city.  My favorites of Los Angeles include: The Getty, LACMA, MOCA, The Natural History Museum, and the Annenberg Space for Photography.

My love of museums in Minnesota include: The Science Museum, Minneapolis Outdoor Sculpture Garden, The Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, and The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

7) The Theater

The theatre community is alive and running in Minneapolis.  A great theater community has been built, and there is a true love of the arts there.

There is also an amazing theater community in Los Angeles with some incredible theaters around town.  I love the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, The Santa Monica Playhouse, The Sierra Madre Playhouse, and a few others around town.  They’re everywhere!

I could continue on and on.  To me, it’s all in perspective.  If you go to a new place you look for the familiarity of the place you came from.  I found comfort in Los Angeles and looked to Minnesota to remind me.  It is there.

However, they have their differences too:

1) Weather

But of course, I knew that coming here.  I needed the sunshine, I had to get away from that snow! 😉 I just couldn’t handle the cold anymore.

2) The Seasons.

Los Angeles has seasons too: Really Hot, and then the Cloudy/Rainy Season 😉 Which, come to think about it, the rainy season consists of maybe 10 rainy days altogether, but when it rains here, we all notice 😉

Whereas I truly miss the warm days of Spring in Minnesota and the changing colors of the leaves come fall.

3) Backyards

Since I live in Los Angeles, and there’s so many people everywhere, the lack of backyards, the lack of green is really noticeable to me.  People do have tiny areas, and small backyards, but not the huge backyards that I have come to know.

Perhaps this is more seen in the Inland Empire or in the OC. 😉

4) The Cost of Living 😉 

I had to put this one in here. 😉 The cost of gasoline is about 20 cents higher per gallon.  I could get a 2 bedroom apartment for the price of 900 dollars a month in Minnesota, where as here, it goes for nearly 1300 to 1500 a month.  😉

However, people can still make it work if they downsize, and keep looking until they find an apartment they’re getting a great deal on.

5) What People Eat

There’s a different style of cooking out here.  Of course, alls I know is my own style, so I don’t notice it all the time, but the first time I did was when I attended a cooking class last November.  And I heard of the conversation around yams.  And it began to open my eyes.

And I’m sure there’s a ton more, but for me, I always look towards the positives and look for the similarities more than the differences.  I hope you enjoyed this fun read.

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary #PYHO

#PYHO stands for Pour Your Heart Out!  Each Wednesday for the past two years, one of my favorite blog, “Things I Can’t Say” did a weekly link up where you talk about whatever’s wearing down your heart or on your mind.

It was open to whatever topic you wanted to talk about.  WELL, today’s link up marks 2 years of this ongoing link up.  Each week I love going through the stories and seeing what others write about.

It makes you realize how awesome people really are, and the struggles they go through in life, and you find yourself relating to what they’re writing or going through at this time.

So here I am, I want to contribute.  I want to write something awesome, but I just don’t know what to write about tonight.  Last week, I bared my soul with my “Dear Depression” article. so this week I’m at a loss.

But not really.  This month is National Women’s History Month, and the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about the amazing women in my life, and how they have helped to mentor me and shape who i am today.

This post is my tribute to them:

Dear Mom: You are one of the strongest women I know.  You have been through a lot in your life, and you have done a lot for my brother and me.  I just want to say thank you for loving me for who I have become, and supporting me through my journey in life, wherever it happens to take me.

Dear Grandma Frankenfield: You were the first woman to show me it was okay to show an opinion, and to let others know how it’s going to be in your house.  And that it’s okay to be vocal.  People will still respect and love you because of it 😉

Dear Grandma Ida:  You taught me love, compassion, and showed me a love of cooking.  I always looked forward to your meals, and loved watching you cook in the kitchen.  Of course, I loved playing card games with you too.

Dear Women of Cub: I’d love to name you, but I don’t want to single you out.  But there are a few of you that come to mind.  You truly showed me that women could be successful in a job.  You showed me that I could get into management, that I could work through the corporate ladder, and that women could do any job that a man could do.  Although, it didn’t work out for me in this profession, I still very much appreciate and admire you.

Dear Amazing Blogging Ladies: Each one of you has shown me strength.  Strength in writing about something personal.  Strength in being a mother, or strength of being in business.  The strength that it is possible to chase after your dreams, and for others, the strength of taking care of a family.  It is beautiful to watch.  And I thank you for that.

To the Future Women I have yet to meet: I know when you come into my life, you will teach me something.  You will show me something new, and I will look on with admiration.

The thing is, there are so many amazing women surrounding me.  It always makes me think back to “why are women so catty sometimes?”  We work so much better when we are supportive of one another and lift each other up as opposed to trying to bring others down. Anyways, I just want you all to know that I admire, respect, and look forward to future interactions.  You are amazing women,embrace it =)


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Women that Inspire Me!

March is National Women’s History Month.  I could continue to write this post and talk about Mother Theresa or Rosa Parks or Sojourner Truth or Hillary Rodham Clinton or Princess Diana or Amelia Earhart…

But instead,

I am writing to YOU.

Yes, you, the women that are taking the time to read this post.

Stop for a minute.

Stop and think about your life, the people around you, the people of your past, the people of today, and think “how have I impacted another?”

For some, the answers may come easy.  Well, I did this for this person, or I did some charity work with this organization, or I’m a mom, and I truly do a lot for my kids.

But for others, it may come hard.  A lot of times, in a lot of moments, we don’t even know who we impact.

And a lot of times we don’t even know how we come off to other people.

But the thing is, women, have a strength within them that is truly unmet, a strength in them that is unheard of.  And that strength comes out during the most uncertain of times…

But when that strength comes, it is heard, it is seen, and from afar, it is admired.

Look inside yourself, the strength is there.  This is our month ladies.  Stand up and be proud!

Share with me a time in your life in which your strength truly came out.  I’d love to hear your stories =)

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Dear Depression:


I do not have depression, but the person I love and live with does.  It has been a journey filled of learning, and this letter I am about to write and share is my outlet.  This is really personal to me 😉

Dear Depression:

You really suck, you know that!  There are days when you eat him alive.  Days where you suck the soul out of him, and days I see the sparkle in his eyes disappear completely.

There are days when a person is so low that they can’t make it out of bed, and then there are days when agitation sets in, and self doubt comes into view.  On those days, whatever words are said, it will not get out of his head.

Depression affects everyone.  It affects those that have it the most.  That battle of just getting through each and every day that comes their way.  That is their focus.  That is their desire.  That battle within their head that is experienced.  Depression affects the loved ones of those that have depression.  Because, we are human, and alls we want is to see our loved ones not suffer, but with depression, no matter what is said, no matter what is done, you just have to wait until they come out of it.  What happens if they never come out of it?

Depression is a cycle.  Since I have come to know, live, and love him.  I recognize his cycles.  On the days he gets super hyper and energetic, I enjoy those moments because I know by the next day he will be crashing.  And on those days, I become extra loving, and patient, and kind.  Being able to recognize a cycle helps me prepare myself for the days ahead.

As I write this, I wonder if there are other loved ones out there that watch theirs battle with depression.  I’d love to talk to you, hear your story, and what you struggle with.  In writing this letter, it is my way of reaching out to others like me.

A month ago I finally went to the bookstore to buy a couple of books to become a more understanding partner, to become more patient, and to hear from others who have loved ones with depression.  I recognized in myself that it was affecting me too.   However, truly admitting it to myself was the hard part.

And then there’s the medication.  I honestly feel that the battle with medication and depression is endless.  For years a certain medication could work, but then it’s no longer working because the body has gotten use to it, so a person gets switched to a new medication and from there it’s a process of finding the right ones.  It’s truly trial and error.  And it’s like a person comes dependent on the doctor subscribing the meds, and if the doctor ever forgets to send a prescription in, that week or two could truly be hell for the person waiting.  *disclosure* I am no doctor or medical personnel, this is just my insight through observation.

Dear Depression:




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Attitude is EVERYTHING

and on that note…… I’m peeking in to SAY I’m guess posting over at Chronically Distracted!

Chronically Distracted is an AWESOME Site.  Have you heard of the book “The Happiness Project?” Well, that’s what Chronically Distracted is all about, and each month they focus on a different chapter of the book.

January, we learned all about VITALITY, and now, the beginning of March, the focus is ATTITUDE

So, please check out my post on Chronically Distracted!


Happy Friday Everyone =)


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That one word can mean a lot.  That one word above is what stops us from going farther, from trying something new, or chasing after our dreams.


That one word that keeps us inside our homes.  That one word that doesn’t allow us to explore new territory, and that one word that makes us not trust one another.


This word.  This meaning.  This feeling that it creates inside us is not a good thing.  Fear for a lot of us, takes over our lives.


For the longest time I was afraid to dream.  For the longest time I was afraid to put myself outside my comfort zone.  And for the longest time, I was afraid to travel alone, be alone, or walk alone at night (okay, that whole walk alone at night thing, I still don’t like!)


However, over the last 2 years I have become a little more fearless.  I have done things I never thought of doing.  And damnit, I’m happy =) FEAR.  Don’t let it encompass your life.   Go beyond fear and see what you truly are capable of.

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Stress and Heart Disease!

There is no evidence that shows that STRESS is a trigger to heart disease, but there is evidence that STRESS has physical side effects  ( Also, because when people get stressed, they are more proned to do unhealthy things to their bodies whether they begin to smoke, stop exercising, or hit up that junk food.

I have never been one to handle STRESS well.  Literally, a few years back when I made all my life changes was the moment I looked at my own life and eliminated all the STRESS out of it.  Boy, did it make a difference in the person I was, and my happiness.

So, here are some tips on how to handle STRESS:

Eat Right and Exercise

Set Realistic Goals

Be Flexible

Reduce Criticism of yourself and Others

Take the negativity out of your life

Find Relaxation techniques: Yoga, Meditation, Breathing

Be cheerful and positive

Eliminate STRESS when you see it building up. 

Our Body Gives Us Signs to show it’s STRESSED: learn to listen to your body:

Body Signs:

Headache, Muscle Tension, Chest Pain, Fatigue, Change in Sex drive, Stomach upset, Sleep problems.

Mood Signs:

Anxiety, Restlessness, Lack of motivation/focus, Irritability or anger, Sadness or depression

On your behavior: 

Overeating or undereating, angry outbursts, drug or alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and social withdrawal.

Just remember, as with anything in life, we are in control in how we decide to handle our stress, and the stressful situations that come our way.  It easily starts in the mind, and can easily effect us everywhere else.  The key is learning to stop it HEAD on, and eliminate it.  I know, sometimes easier said than done 😉 

I hope you guys enjoyed my series this month related to Heart Awareness, and tips to a healthier heart.  This is the last series of the month for this topic.  Next Month marks National Women’s History month where I will be taking a closer look at the phenomonal women I look up to: historical or personally.

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