Honey Run BERRY Honey Wine!

Since I’ve become a huge fan of wine within the past year, I’m always on the lookout for new wines to try.

Last weekend was no exception when I attended #ExpoWest in Anaheim, CA.  They had a Wine and Spirits Marketplace where various all natural wines were being offered to those attending #ExpoWest.

One of the wines that truly grabbed my attention was the Honey Run Berry HoneyWine.

And that’s when this variety of wine caught my eye: Cranberry Honey Wine


I had never had wine that had a touch of flavor in it before.  Not only that, but cranberry!  I had to try it instantly.  And so I did, and I absolutely fell in love with it.

You can taste the bit of honey in it as an after taste, and it’s GREAT.  I am drawn to more sweet wines, and this fit my taste buds perfectly!

What’s unique about Honey Run Wines is that there are NO SULFITES or preservatives added.  They make their wines directly from berry juice and honey, and they don’t use GRAPES!

HoneyRun wines are also kosher, and they range from 11 to 12% alcohol.

HoneyRun Wines also make these varieties of wines:

Blackberry HoneyWine

Elderberry Honeywine

Cherry Honeywine

Mead: a dry, simple white wine made from honey and no fruit.

The HoneyRun Winery is located in Chico, California, right near the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.  The winery opened up in 1992.

They ship directly to these 10 states: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Washington DC, Minnesota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.  However, there are online retailers that offer these wines to 32  states.

The wines are reasonably priced at around: 9 dollars per bottle.

Notice: The HoneyWines have a short shelf life.  They are to be consumed within 5 to 8 months time.

Disclosure: I was given a bottle of the Cranberry HoneyWine to review and taste.  However, the views above were strictly my own, and I tasted the wine even before I was given a bottle.  

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Decorative Wine Glasses!

I’ve always been a fan of Lolita products, but the other night I was curious about other decorative wine glass companies that weren’t as well known as Lolita.

That’s when I ran across this company called, “Festive Glassware.”   They have a variety of decorative, hand painted wine glasses to choose from.  Perhaps you’re looking for a goblet, or a martini glass, or even a holiday ornament.  They have it available for you.

They have a variety of themes to choose from: Bridal gifts, Anniversaries, Summer fun, 4th of July to Mother’s Day to Birthdays.

A fun little company that hand paints every single glass by an American artist of “Raenell Accetta.”  Each glass takes 5 days to complete and the artist’s signs every glass that is made showing the true authenticity.  Each glassware is personally designed, and no piece is alike.

So if you’re looking for a new way to break out the wine, please take the time to check out Festive Glassware today.

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Relax! Riesling

A couple of months ago I started a discussion board online about people’s favorite wines.  A person commented back and said she adored Relax! Riesling.  Right away, because of the name, I knew I had to try it.

A few weeks later I was out and about when I ran across the bottle.  I picked it up. A week later was when I finally opened it, and tried it for my first time: it was delicious!

It reminded me again why I need to try more Rieslings.  It hit that crisp and sweet taste I was truly looking for that day.

As they say on their website, it was made for the person who wanted to spend less time worrying about wine, and more time enjoying it.

They also have a red available called “Relax, Cool Red.”  They said it was fruity and flavorful, a beaujolais type quality to it.

The next time you’re looking at wines, and wanting to try something new, try Relax Riesling.  I was pleasantly surprised!

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St. Croix Vineyards

One of my favorite things to do during the fall in Minnesota was head to Stillwater for the day.  I would stop off at the Pumpkin Patch on the side of the main gateway into Stillwater, enjoy the people watching as they picked out their pumpkins, went on a hayride, or entered the giant corn maze.

After that, I would head to the Apple Orchard to get my yearly fix of Apple Brats and Apple Crisp with cinnamon ice cream.  Next to the apple orchard were St. Croix vineyards.  They would always offer free wine tasting throughout the day.

This is where I first began to learn the differences in wine.  And one year, I even got a behind the scenes tour of the entire vineyard as someone’s bachelorette party 😉

But, when I think back to home, I always think of St. Croix Vineyards fondly, and I just want to introduce some of my new California friends to some of their vine varieties.

From the Saint Croix Vineyard website you can find this variety here: 

White Wines

Delaware – Originating around 1850 in Delaware, Ohio, this variety is commonly considered the highest quality American wine grape. Our version is a classic example with a beautiful, intensely fruity and floral bouquet.

Frontenac Gris – This new U of MN variety is very full bodied and has an enticing straw color. Subtle spice and citrus aromas are complemented nicely by rich peach and pear flavors on the palate.

La Crescent – La Crescent is an exciting new variety from the University of Minnesota. Its enticing floral aromas are followed by rich tangerine and apricot on the palate.

Orchard Reserve – Apple Wine – Crafted from a blend of Minnesota’s finest apple varieties, this delightful wine can be enjoyed alone or with cheese and fruit. Orchard Reserve is perfect for a picnic or a relaxing evening on the deck.

Pinot Gris – This delightfully crisp wine has enticing aromas of green apple, melon and kiwi.  Enjoy this refreshing and versatile Pinot Gris on its own or with a wide range of foods.

Riesling – This Riesling shows grapefruit, lime, and apricot aromas backed by a complex mineral structure. The elegant balance of fruit and acidity makes it a perfect match for a delicate fish and other seafood.

Rosé – Our Frontenac Rosé has a lovely ruby color with pleasant cherry and berry aromas. Just the right wine for a hot summer day.

Seyval – Widely grown in France, Seyval has become one of the leading grapes in the Eastern U.S. Our Seyval has a delectable fruitiness and will complement a meal of poultry or seafood.

Vignoles – Vignoles (Vin-ýol) originated in France but is really more Germanic in character. Our version features delightful grapefruit and peach aromas and will be appreciated by everyone who enjoys a fine Riesling.

Red Wines

Frontenac – Frontenac is an exciting grape variety recently released from the University of Minnesota viticulture program. This wine has a beautiful garnet color, a robust earthy body, and a distinctive cherry aroma.

Marechal Foch Reserve – Our Marechal Foch Reserve is a dry, medium bodied red wine with a black cherry nose and an intense color. It is aged in American oak barrels and is the perfect choice for those who prefer a classic red wine.

Marquette – Marquette is the latest in a series of new grape varieties from the U of MN. Descended from the noble Pinot Noir, Marquette is a complex wine combining aromas of spice, cherry and blackberry with hints of vanilla and smoke from lengthy aging in American oak barrels.

Summer Red – Summer Red is a charming blend of fruity, medium bodied varietals. Deftly balanced, it delivers plenty of ripe, rich flavors built around a core of cherry and raspberry. This delightful wine is perfect for a summer gathering and can even be served slightly chilled.

Zinfandel – Our Zinfandel offers rich black cherry and plum flavors and aromas with a hint of black pepper and toasted oak. Ideal for grilled meats, hearty pastas and flavorful cheeses. Sold in our tasting room only.

Dessert Wines

La Crescent Dessert Wine – This ice wine exhibits intense tangerine and a hint of floral aromas, with a concentrated nectar finish.  Sold in our tasting room and at select retailers and restaurants..

Port (Frontenac) – This rich wine was aged in oak barrels and exhibits notes of chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and cranberry. Sold in our tasting room and select retailers and restaurants.

Port (Zinfandel) – A rich desert wine aged in American oak, this wine is sure to be enjoyed by all. Sold in our tasting room only.

Raspberry Infusion – An intense dessert experience, capturing the rich essence of freshly harvested raspberries coupled with the complexity of fine red wine. “This massive dessert wine begs to be consumed with chocolate” – Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I’m pretty excited as I can see you can order their wines online, so I’ll have to bring a little bit of Minnesota back to me.  I hope some of you try their wines =)

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Dirty Blonde makes Thirsty Thursday fun!

Yesterday, in celebration of it being payday, and also my new found fun of joining a weekly twitter chat about wine! I stopped by the store and decided to browse their wine selection. I looked, and found some new loves I’m looking forward to trying.

One of the selections I chose was this. It’s called Dirty Blonde.  It was wrapped in a nice two pack variety, and under closer inspection it said “Raspberry Flirtini.” I was in a flirty mood, and it sounded fun to try.  And boy, was I glad I took it home.  At 12% alcohol content, I was feeling it in no time.  But not only that, it tasted delicious.  It was light, sweet, and the perfect blend of what I was looking for that evening.

What is Dirty Blonde? Dirty Blond is a wine cocktail mix that infuses fruit into their blends.  Right now, with three varieties out: Raspberry Flirtini, Blood Orange, and a Peach Passion Bellini.  I am drawn to sweet, so this is the perfect combination for me!

For more information about Dirty Blonde and to learn how it was created, visit here.

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