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Around the US

On any given day, Epcot in Orlando, Florida stands proud as people walk all around.

In Minnesota, with the warmer temperatures coming around, the Lakes will be flooded with people and boats enjoying the sunshine.  Biker’s will also be out and about, along with the many roller bladers, walkers, and runners.

People will continue to flock to Washington DC to see the National Monuments that have only been seen in pictures for so long.  Visiting the monuments and the museums along the National Mall.

And lets not forget about the Glitz and Wonder of Beverly Hills, California.  A view from Iconic Rodeo Drive.

Or even the historic Hollywood sign that people love to see in person!

Or the gorgeous city skyline of Chicago with a view of Lake Michigan in front.

Or the view of The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  It really is an amazing sight to see in person.

The beautiful mountains of Colorado are breathtaking for anybody.

The majestic beauty of the leaves turning colors in the fall in the Minnesota North Shore.  But I long to think of the beauty of the NorthEast along Vermont to Maine.

And no matter where you look in Utah, there’s a beautiful landscape in front of you.  Just amazing when you get the right clouds surrounding them.

However, for me, nothing beats an ocean view!

*Disclosure* All the pictures above were taken by me as I travelled around the US.  This is only a small selection of what I have seen.  I hope to continue to add to this collection, and one day complete my goal of visiting all 50!


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Going Home!

I went home last week for the Holidays! It was the warmest December I remember ever having there in years.  It was in the 40’s, literally no snow on the ground, and the lakes were barely frozen over.   It was kind of a disappointment not having the snow on the ground to show my love, but well, needless to say, I kind of enjoyed it too 😉

This is my favorite Christmas decoration in my mom’s house.  She made this in a ceramic class.  One thing she said she forgot to add to it were his eyelashes, but still it’s my favorite.  I think I ask to have it every time I visit 😉 lol

So, of course I had to take a picture of it to share it with all of you!

When it comes to decorations, my mom is very good at using all avenues of space.  When you enter her home, you are drawn to how much is on the walls, and how much is on the shelves, but yet, it is organized, and looks very awesome!

I like how she utilizes the space, and how she is very creative with the space she uses.  For example, the basket below filled with ornaments.  It’s so simple, but it really made for a great centerpiece on the table below.

Is it like this at your home where the animals just love laying under that Christmas tree?  The cat loved being under there watching everyone around her.

And then at my dad’s house, the adorable dog Riley found their way under the Christmas tree, and it made for a great picture opportunity!  They sure look adorable under there, don’t they? 
On Christmas Day, my dad and stepmom took the family bowling. It was a ton of fun. It had been ages since I went bowling, and got some great pictures along the way.

I never pose like I did below.  The bowling brought out the silliness in me, and it felt good.  I rarely let myself loose, and I need to learn how to do that more!

These are my fraternal twin sisters.  They’re 16 this year, and are adorable.  It’s been amazing watching them come into their own, and for them to show more personality than ever with this last visit to see them.

And below is another one of my sister’s.  It is her birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday MacKenzie!

And below is my little brother.  I found out he didn’t like getting his picture taken 😉 He’s going to kill me for sharing this one!

He is the sports fanatic around town! He plays football and showed us his awesome football video that was put together during the last season. And he showed us some funny videos while visiting via youtube.

And here you have my silliness at best.  One of my photography groups gave us an assignment of coming up with a self portrait so while I was home I was taking a  lot of silly self portraits that didn’t turn out all that great.  This wasn’t the one I went with, but I like how this one turned out.  I’m not even looking at the camera, but it is a GREAT environmental shot!

The holidays were good, although, there wasn’t much sight seeing that happened while home, it was truly a wonderful feeling being around family, and that was what I needed more than anything.


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Oh TAKE me home…

In honor of my going home in a few days, I thought I’d make this Whimsical Wednesday all about Minnesota.

SOOOOO, why do people choose to live in Minnesota, you ask?  Those winter’s are brutal, they’re harsh, they’re cold, and sometimes the snow is a lot.

Right now, in the land of Minnesota, the grass is brown, and no snow is around.  Quite sad really.

But, other winters, you would sometimes see things like this:

It’s pretty gorgeous, right?  Well, in Minnesota, we have fishing year round too, except during the winter it’s ice fishing.  A lot of the men and sometimes ladies make a weekend of it.

They make a fishing house, carve their circle to fish from, keep warm in their hut, and park their truck right beside them.  That’s right, it gets that DAMN cold in Minnesota that vehicles drive on the lakes.   I have never done this nor am I brave enough to EVER do it, but many do, and do it repeatedly.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

We have the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and this is one of our pride and joy’s.   The Spoon with a Cherry on top.  It makes for a great photo op especially with the city in the surrounding background.  As I look back at this, most pictures of the spoon are shown during the summer, so the fact snow is around it makes me like this picture even better!

But people truly love Minnesota for their spring and summers, when those temps get warm.

The Minnesota Twins Stadium

The people of Minnesota love their sports, and especially their Minnesota Twins.  The team has done quite well over the years and has created quite the following.  When the new outdoor stadium opened up the year of 2009, people were so excited.  They couldn’t wait to see the new stadium, which was well constructed and thought out.  And people of Minnesota finally get to enjoy baseball the way it should be enjoyed, outdoors!

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and the people of Minnesota love them.  In Minneapolis there is an area called the Chain of Lakes.  During a spring or summer’s day, you will find many people walking, biking, or rollerblading through there.  It’s a great area to bring kids, dogs, or to even have a picnic.

Another beautiful area to visit in Minneapolis is the St. Anthony Falls.  An area with lock and dams that give a waterfall near the city of Minneapolis.  There is quite a history to this area, and I highly recommend you take the time to look it up.

This is a picture of the area surrounding the St. Anthony Falls.  The city is right in the background with the beautiful bridges throughout the area.  Minneapolis has some amazing bridges to take a peek at.

This is one of my all time favorite bridges in Minneapolis.  It is such a simple bridge, but the arches, and the wiring utilized to create the bridge make it a beauty to me.
Gooseberry Falls is such a beautiful area in Northern Minnesota.  Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, an area where Hiking is a plenty, and you are surrounded by nature, there sets Gooseberry Falls, one of the prettiest waterfalls in Minnesota.  With an upper falls area, and a lower falls area, and the surrounding park where you can hike for miles on end, or camp for a weekend or more.
I look forward to visiting home this next week, and seeing Minnesota with brand new eyes all over again.  No worries, I’m taking my camera with me!
I hope you enjoyed this, and perhaps you’ll plan a visit to Minnesota sometime in the future!
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