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Great ANDROID Cell Phone Apps.

For about the past 8 months I’ve been playing around with different cell phone apps for the android. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 apps I really like and would like to share those with you.

If you don’t mind spending a little money, I highly recommend these first two apps. I believe they’re both 5.99, one is for sure, the other may be lower than that.

1) Camera 360: This app has a variety of effects from: retro, lomo, hdr, black and white, night enhancement features to back to 1839 looks. This also has tilt shift modes, color shift modes and different scenery options. This is one of my favorites to utilize.  They have both a free version, and a version that costs 5.99 that gives a little more features, mainly on the effects side.  Camera 360 seems to be the app that has all the features we look for.

2) Camera Zoom FX: This has a variety of features from overlays, vignetting, to adding props. You can do collages, and cropping. This also gives you a timer setting along with trying to stable the camera phone.

If you like FREE apps then I highly recommend these apps.

1) Photoshop Express: An easier version of photoshop at your fingertips for your phone. From getting the exposure, saturation, tint, black and white, contract and brightness right for the picture. So far I have liked the results from this app.

2) Little Photo: This has a lot of effects to play around with, and you can add more than one effect to the photo. It’s a fun little app that I’ve enjoyed playing around with, and it’s one of my favorites.

And if you like to do crazy stuff with your photos and just play around to see what you can come up.

1) PhotoFunia is a free app in which you can add photos to billboards, wanted signs, photo booth strip, etc.

2) ColorTouch: This app allows you to add a bit of color to your photos while keeping the rest of the photo black and white.  It’s pretty neat once you can figure out how it exactly works.  And with the right photo, have fun with it.  This is another FREE app.

And good news for those that love the idea of Instagram.  Thanks to Alexis from I found out that Instagram is releasing an android version.  You can sign up to be one of the first here

I hope this is helpful advice.  If you recommend any apps feel free to share it hear so we can learn from others.

And if you still haven’t submitted your favorite cell phone photos to me to be featured in the weeks ahead, you can still do so by sending the photos to


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